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DOOM 3 Walkthrough - Hell

You're not given any information about Hell. You go through the teleporter and have ALL our weapons stripped from you. This is a big level.

To your right is some gear - 2 50s of armor, a pistol, a shotgun and some ammo for both. You'll only have 24 shotgun shells, so start conserving and using the pistol when you can.

Head toward the skull gate ahead of you - you'll notice the gargoyles stand up as you pass. You also have no flashlight, so when its dark, the best move is to move out to the light if you have to fight. Keep an eye out for blue lights in dark corners that indicate a health pack.

Go up the stairs and go into the transport beam. Your mission (if you check your PDA) is to find the soul cube and escape Hell.

You'll appear in a void, and a cage will close in around you and you'll start falling. You land on a slab of rock - 3 imps will be there - 1 shotgun blast each should do the trick. Grab the shells sitting on the glowing yellow icon near the center and walk across the bridge. Another thing you'll notice changes in hell is that your stamina never runs out, so it pays to hold down the sprint key during all the fire fights in Hell.

Go straight into the dark hallway all the way to end - there are some more shells. Then turn left and then right (there is no other way). This will take you to a dead end. The back wall will open and a hell knight will emerge. He does not have as much health as the ones in Delta Labs 4. There are two side rooms. On the left there are two cherubs and on the right is a cherub and an imp. There is a trick to killing him. If you sprint up to him immediately after the cinematic ends before he gets all the way in you can block his path into the room. He'll continue to try to walk and you can point blank shotgun him four times to kill him, no damage taken.

The room on the left has two entrances, and there are two cherubs inside, which will be chasing you by now (if you killed the hell knight as described). There is 50 armor and two packs of shotgun shells in that room.

The right room has only one entrance, and inside is another cherub and an imp, but also 2 15 health packs. Go back to the main room and head towards the exit. Before you leave, turn right and you'll notice a blue glow of another 15 health pack, sitting next to a chainsaw. YES! You have to crouch into the alcove to get the health.

In the next room (with red steam rising) you can go left or right. On the left is the good stuff: two ammo belts and a chain gun. Once you grab them, the wall will move back to reveal two more health packs.

If you go left, there are no goodies, but once you reach the back of the room, two imps will spawn, one at the back of the room and one near the entrance. Unfortunately, you have to spawn them to move on.

Go back to the main room and you'll notice an entrance opened...you now are facing 6 lost souls. It works to shoot them with the shotgun as they fly in, but if you find them really annoying, you can use your new chain gun. After killing them, move ahead into the next area.

This area is a bunch of floating stones with glowing symbols on them. Before you you all the way in, look to the right behind a pillar for 30 health and 50 armor. Start jumping across the stones with the shotgun. As you land on certain symbols, you'll hear a hissing sound. This means that one or two lost souls are now heading your way form somewhere up ahead. If you look right as you're jumping across the stones, you'll notice two more 30 health packs. Grab them as you need them. A neat trick to cross is to avoid stepping on the symbols themselves, which will prevent the lost souls from spawning.

Now you're at the entrance to a another area. Look left, and you'll see another 15 health on a stone. You'll walk through short hallway and see some bars ahead of you. There is lost soul waiting on your right, and another that will come around from the left. As you walk in and to the right, a wall will open and a hell knight will spawn. No tricks this time, just try to avoid him and use the shotgun. One tip is to get in close, and as he tries to swipe, back out and shoot, then run back in and repeat. 6 blasts from the shotgun should kill him. As soon as he's dead, three imps will spawn. But will open up areas with some gear. There are 2 15 health packs all the way at the end of the hallway if you keep going right. You'll also see a room that opened when the imps spawned with 2 30 health packs, an ammo belt, a box of shotgun shells and a chain gun. When you finish loading up, go into the area that was blocked by the (now open) bars.

As soon as you step into that area, a cherub and a mancubus will spawn. The cherub will chain-spawn (if you kill him, another will spawn) up to 4. The chain gun is your best bet with the mancubus after you've killed all the cherubs. It should take between 50-60 chain gun rounds to kill him.

Proceed down the hallway that the mancubus was in. There is an ammo belt between the first columns, and if you keep going to the end, 2 15 health packs, a plasma canister, and a plasma gun. YES! As soon as you grab the gun, Dr. Betruger informs you that "Death will not be your end, your soul will burn in hell forever."

After you finish falling, you'll see a berserker powerup. Grab it. Run around like you're berserk and kill 4 Imps by punching them. The power up will wear off, and a door at the back of the cavern (you'll notice it because of all the armor shards in front of it) will open and a hell knight will walk through. Kill him and 2 imps will spawn in the newly revealed cavern. Inside are some armor shards, 2 boxes of shells, 2 plasma canisters, a pack of rockets, and an ammo belt. Kill the imps. Back in the main cavern, another wall will crumble and another hell knight will come out. Kill him, and a final wall will crumble, revealing a room just off the main cavern (to the right of your original starting point). There are some glowing symbols in the stone floor that lead to it.

Inside is Simon Garlick's PDA, 4 plasma canisters, 50 armor, a rocket launcher, some rockets, an ammo belt and 60 health.

At the back of the room is a door. Go through it to the next area. You'll see a walkway that stretches out over the lava with a glowing symbol at the end. As you walk towards it, a mancubus will spawn on the right (the first of three). Kill him with 4 rockets. Another will spawn on the left. After he's dead, a third just beyond where the second one was.

Keep going down the walkway, avoiding the giant pounding rock. As you walk down into the cavern, a fourth mancubus will spawn above you. Kill him if you want, you'll also have a chance later. Head through the cavern, killing two lost souls. Proceed up the stairs, kill the imp, and head straight to pick up 2 30 health packs, rockets, an ammo belt, and 3 plasma canisters. You can kill the other mancubus from here if you didn't before.

Go back it the room you passed, go up the stairs, killing the imp. Go through the hallway, kill the imp, and through the door. There will be four lost souls and a lort of fire. Kill them, and proceed. Two imps will ambush you from the left and right sides as you go through the door. Head out to the walkway over the lava. Two lost souls will spawn, one in front of you and one behind. Be careful because they can knock you into the lava. Kill them and head right. There is a 30 health pack, and some stairs heading down into the lava area with 50 armor. Go back up, and cross the bridge, go up the stairs and kill two lost souls.

Go down the hall, grab the ammo belt, 30 health and armor shards in the alcove to your left. 4 zombies will spawn, two from the doorway and two down the hall. Chainsaw them to conserve ammo and go through the door. A hell knight will come out of the shadows to your right, and two lost souls will spawn. You can kill the hell knight with one clip from the plasma gun, and then finish off the lost souls with the shotgun. Grab the two 15 health packs before going to the next area. Open the door, and a hell knight waits. Kill him, and then the two imps nearby. Turn left and grab the 15 health and armor shards. The go to the back of the room and you will hear another hell knight spawn behind you. Kill him and proceed.

Ahead of you, slightly to the right, you'll see two plasma canisters, a BFG cell, 2 30 health packs, 1 15 health pack and an ammo belt. Grab them. Kill the hell knight that spawns behind you. Walk to the edge of the cliff and you'll see a red glowing symbol with a BFG on top of it. Grab the BFG, and kill the two lost souls that spawn.

Go back inside and turn left. Kill the hell knight that appears around the corner. 2 lost souls and 4 cherubs will spawn. After killing them, move into the next room.

Kill the lost soul, and move up the stairs. Keep going to the room with the red steam rising. Head right and grab the shells, 2 ammo belts, 30 health and armor shards. Kill the mancubus to your left, and grab the 30 health on the rock behind him. Go up the stairs to the next room. Open the door and kill the mancubus. In an alcove to the right, there is an ammo belt and 15 health. In the next room, there is a mancubus in a hallway to your left, and a cherub on your right. Kill the cherub and turn and kill the mancubus (again, 4 rockets).

Proceed down the hall, turn right, go up the stairs to the door. Open the door, go up the stairs, follow the path around and up the stairs. You're now in the the room before the final boss, with a boatload of gear I won't mention here, but there is a lot of health, armor, plasma canisters, and rockets.

Tip: go around behind the the teleporter beam to the far side and up the rock pile. There is some extra plasma and BFG cells there.

Make sure all your weapons are reloaded, prepare for the final boss in Hell, and step into the teleporter.

The guardian is a huge beast that spawns three "seekers". The beast cannot find you very well on it's own, and if you kill all three seekers, a blue sphere will appear over it's head. That is the part of it that is vulnerable. Fire rockets into the blue sphere (as many as you can each time it appears) and in between, use the shotgun, chain gun or plasma to kill seekers. The soulcube tells you the secret: "Destroy the seekers and the guardian becomes vulnerable."

After the guardian is dead, pick up the soul cube near it.

"We are many. We are one. We are the ???. You know us as the soulcube. Free us from our eternal prison, and we will help you. Vanquish our enemies and we grow stronger. Listen for our call, and then free us to smite down the evil."

Step through the teleporter beam.

"Destroying evil gives us life, and makes us stronger. Unleash us when you hear our call. We will pass the life force of those you slay to you. We foresee a great battle, the outcome is not clear. We are the only way to destroy Hell's mightiest warrior."

Make your way down the stairs and use the screen to "Activate Teleporter Sequence" to return to Delta Labs.

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